About ASB


   ASB is a student-led leadership class made of 7th and 8th graders whose goal is to create an enjoyable and engaging environment for the middle school. 

     Sara has been dancing at Thrive Dance Center for six years! She also plays the violin, does karate, and tumbling. Sara loves the beach and her cats. One fun fact about her is that she has seven animals at home!

     Nathaniel mountain bikes for the Newbury Park Mountain Biking team. He plays the piano and runs cross-country. One fun fact about him is that he loves the tv show Friends.

Delilah Grant

Delilah does softball, soccer, and girl scouts. In her free time, Delilah likes to hang out with her friends and family. One fun fact about her is that she does competitive, artistic roller skating.

Quinn Henderson

Quinn plays soccer for New bury Park Soccer Club. She also plays the bass-guitar and ukulele. Quinn loves her dog and hanging out with her friends. One fun fact about her is that she has been playing soccer for eight years!

Dev Doshi

Dev runs track and cross-country for Newbury Park Track Club. During his free time, Dev likes to hang out with his friends and family. His favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and run.

Meet The Officers

Meet the Committees

Vice President





PACK is a committee that plans dress up days. They're the people who help us earn big prizes at the end of the school year. They put the "spirit" in "school spirit". 


Every morning, Middle School is woken up with important news informed by the Announcements committee. They remind students of upcoming events and reminders. 


Tribute works hard to give back to the teachers and students for all the great things they do. Not only for others but, for the school.

Rally is a committee that plans a fun in school event to raise school spirit. 


Sara Mansaurian & Nathaniel Schohn


Fundraising raises money to benefit the student body in ASB sponsored events. They provide tasty treats for a small price that will come back to benefit the school as a whole.


Every trimester they plan an important and fun social event for all of Middle School to enjoy. 

Fab 5

This committee plans a fantastic social and LTA for the 5th graders to get them excited for middle school


The Poster committee creates beautiful and creative posters to inform students of upcoming events.


LTA, lunchtime activities, as their known, design specific lunchtime events for your pleasure.


Music & Journalism

This committee makes sure you're up to date with all Sycamore Canyon events. They control the website, calendar, and glass case. On Wednesdays and Fridays expect some amazing beats from this committee.


ASB Advisor

Mrs. Gail Smith

Mrs. Smith is a 6th grade teacher for math, science, and careers. On top of all of that, she teaches ASB! She loves to read, camp, and play games on her free time. She also loves to travel when she's not teaching. Some of her favorite sports teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the LA Dodgers. Mrs. Smith has 2 kids. Her daughter lives in Phoenix, Arizona while her son lives in Hawaii.

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